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E-Bikes to law enforcement

First Responders & The Military

Patrol Safer, Farther, and Faster with RECON

Proven in over 500 Departments & all 50 States

RECON has more Law Enforcement E-Bikes deployed than all the other brands combined!

All Terrain, Made Military TOugh

We Build, Support, Train, & Deliver Worldwide

Batteries Cert (250 x 250 px)

The Nations #1 Provider of Law Enforcement E-Bikes

Recon is the nations #1 supplier of Police E-Bikes to Law Enforcement, with Police Bikes in all 50 States. Recon's Power Bikes offer many advantages to Municipal Law Enforcement Agencies. Patrol Safer, Farther, and Faster with Recon. A true force multiplier.

Our RECON bikes are fitted with a powerful electric motor, lithium ion battery, and an LCD control to harness the power. The motor can be utilized as much or as little as you prefer. It has many levels of pedal assist to power your ride as you see fit. Our flagship model the Police Interceptor can go as far as 60 miles+ at speeds up to 28 mph on  a single charge. Our 4″ puncture resistant tires eliminate the potential for pinch flats and make for a super comfortable ride. Over 500 Departments Nationwide trust Recon, with more E-Bikes deployed than the other brands combined.

Federal Agencies

Trusted by the FBI & many other Prominent U.S. Agencies

The FBI's uniformed police force, part of the Bureau's Security Division patrol the J. Edgar Hoover Building Headquarters 365 days a year, rain or shine. The FBI selected RECON because of the all terrain capabilities, heavy duty construction, and versatility of our powerful electric motor. Patrol safer, farther, & faster with Recon. A true force multiplier. More Federal Agencies ride Recon than any of the other brands combined. 


Proud to be the Ebike of Choice for the U.S. Military

Our Military requires tough All Terrain equipment with mission specific requirements. Our E bikes are designed to meet those rigorous specifications. Recon E -Bikes are used to patrol air fields for FOD, MP use for security patrols, long range reconnaissance, sniper deployment, and stealthy transportation from drop zones to name a few.  

They are absolutely silent, can hit speeds up to 30+ MPH with a range of 70 miles+ per charge. Recon has bikes deployed in four branches of the U.S. Military.


Fire Rescue/EMS

1st Responder - Fire Rescue E-Bikes

Emergency Medical Services response times are critical. There are clinical, customer satisfaction and political reasons for developing rapid and efficient response. At airports, large events, outdoor gatherings, and even in congested urban areas E-Bikes can provide a lower cost solution with a much faster response time. Medical equipment and gear can be towed via a single or dual wheel trailer with great maneuverability. Our Rapid Extraction tow behind stretcher transports patients quickly and safely over virtually any type of terrain.


EMS Rescue Bike w Stretcher

Conservation Officers

Made for All Terrain

 The important task of protecting & conserving the Nations fish & wildlife resources is conducted by natural resource officers. Recon bikes are trusted by multiple State Wildlife agencies & the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. The Recon Power Bike gives them the ability to patrol back country, remote off road terrain with the silence of an electric bike. They can haul their bike in the back of a truck and not need to pull a trailer with an ATV or similar loud off road vehicle.

Campus Police

The Ultimate Campus Patrol Vehicle

Recon is the #1 supplier of E-Bikes to Campus Law Enforcement & Public Safety. They have the ability to go over stairs, through curbs, off road, and between vehicles at a response speed that is unparalleled. Today's modern campus requires faster response times over variable terrain. UCLA currently has the largest campus E-Bike fleet in the Nation, going Green with a Purpose. Patrol safer, farther & faster with Recon. A true force multiplier.  Ask for our Campus Case Study, to see how our E-Bikes can improve response time on your campus..


Google HQ

Google Headquarters Selects RECON !

E-bikes provide a low cost ultra maneuverable solution to security providers. Recon Power Bikes allow you to cover a larger area with more frequency than a standard bicycle. Google chose Recon Power Bikes for security patrol at their headquarters & N. California facilities because of their efficienct operation and key functions. Efficiency gives you a strategic advantage in a competitive market. Patrol safer, farther, & faster with Recon. A true force multiplier.

Batteries Cert (250 x 250 px)

Certified to UL 2849 & 2271

Heavy Duty Mid-Drive Motor

Panasonic 48V 21Ah Battery



Recon Consumer Products

Patrol Safer, Farther & Faster with RECON! A True Force Multiplier

The RECON Power Bike can take you Farther & Faster on Patrol. Our Pedal Assist function will revolutionize your Biking Patrol experience.  Don’t worry about fatigue or response time with RECON, the powerful electric direct drive motor can assist you as you see fit. Faster response and less fatigue when arriving on scene equals a safer, efficient, and more successful Patrol.




“The police are the public and public are the police; the police being only members of the public who are paid to give full time attention to the duties which are incumbent on every citizen in the interests of the community welfare and existence.”  Robert Peel