E-Bike Law Enforcement Training 

Enhance the performance, skills and techniques that your
bike officers possess through the Recon Ebike Training Program. Whether IPMBA,
COBWEBS or LEBA trained this course will improve the skill set of a
bike patrol officer. As electric bikes become a more and more popular
in mainstream policing, this course will familiarize the bike patrol
officer with the unique characteristics and advantages of the electric
bicycle to law enforcement.


Field Training at FBI Headquarters, J. Edgar Hoover Building, Washington, D.C.

Course Basics

Length: 1-2 Days
Students: Minimum of 5
Pre-requisite: Completion of the IPMBA Cyclyist Course or Equivalent.
Officers must have an Ebike for the class & pass a skills test.
Topics Covered: Ebike Advantages, Components, Safety, New Riding
Techniques, Skills, Tactics, Programming, Battery Management, Basic


Law Enforcement Ebike Skills Training

Review from Department Receiving our Training

"Gentleman, I must tell you that your company, and in particular Caesar De Jesus (Lead Instructor) have just been outstanding to work with."

"Today he and Grant (mechanic) came to our PD for training which I attended. The training was excellent and completely appropriate for our needs.  Having Grant there to assist with the technical side of things as well as assisting with the riding was a great addition.  Having said that this class is exactly what most police agency's need and are looking for."

- Deputy Chief Robert Mercuri, BG Police Department



Introducing the first Law Enforcement Ebike Training Center in the World. Currently under construction and scheduled for completion the Summer of 2024

Caesar, our on staff Law Enforcement Instructor

Caesar De Jesus, Recon's resident Law Enforcement Instructor, is both a Veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps & U.S. Air Force, as well as having 26 years of Municipal Law Enforcement Experience. His experience includes Bike Patrol, SWAT, Detective-Investigative unit, Hispanic Liaison, and Academy Instructor to name a few. Caesar is bi-lingual and has trained LE Bike patrols Worldwide.


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