Bike LPR Patrol

”The first and only smart patrol bike of the world which performs license plate recognition, live video and parking violation detection on the move.”

Recon Bike Patrols LPR system is a high-tech mobile enforcement product designed for bicycles. Recon Bike Patrol is aimed to bring high tech policing solutions; including live video and license plate recognition to your bike patrol unit. A tremendously versatile vehicle with an LPR solution at an unprecedented price.



Versatile Application Range

Based and designed upon the success of Recon Patrol, Recon Bike Patrol offers a versatile application range. The compact design allows to perform parking violation, live video and license plate recognition even at areas fixed solutions cannot control and motored vehicles reach their limits.

Plug & Play

Recon Patrol, as the first and only compact smart patrol bike product in the World, is compatible with any kind of bicycle. There is no requirement of any further component to be installed inside the vehicle or the luggage compartment. Thus, Recon Patrol turns regular police bicycles into smart patrol vehicles that can make license plate recognition and parking violation detections.


Recon BIKE PATROL Functions

License Plate Recognition

Parking Violation Detection & Live Video Feed

  • Detection of all the license plates at parking violation areas
  • Parking violation detection ability whether Recon Bike Patrol vehicle is on the move or parked
  • High resolution images of violating vehicles in order to use as evidence
  • Video Feed in real time. An incident can be monitored in real time by command staff


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