Recon ALPR

Automatic License Plate Recognition System

Automatic License Plate Recognition System is a high-resolution video based number plate recognition technology ensuring continuous traffic safety by detecting number plates of the vehicles in its field of view automatically.

Why Recon Automatic License Plate Recognition System?

7/24 Video Surveillance

Recon's video based License plate recognition technology records not only the violation moment but the entire traffic flow distinctively from the conventional photograph-based systems. The system operates uninterrupted 7/24 providing complete surveillance, ensuring city and traffic safety.

High-resolution Images

With the video images processed from the high-resolution cameras used, Automatic License Plate Recognition System video captures and snapshots of wider areas can be recorded without losing any focus and sharpness. Thus even after a digital zoom of an image the focus is maintained and traffic control is ensured all around the field of view.

Simple Integration

Automatic License Plate Recognition System can be integrated with optional features such as red light and speed enforcement without needing any change on the hardware. Thus, the existing Automatic License Plate Recognition System offers maximum benefit without extra infrastructure costs.

Detailed Reporting

Date, time, camera, location and lane information as well as type, brand, model and color of all cars in the field of view can be reported by the system.