G2 Smart Light Bar

”The first and only smart light bar in the World, capable of LPR, Facial Recognition, Speed Detection and Live Video Feed all from the light bar.” LPR capable of reading 7 lanes simultaneously, with 360 degree coverage.

Multiple international award winner the G2 Patrol is a high-tech, mobile enforcement product that performs license plate recognition, face recognition, speed and parking violation detection on the move. Being designed as a light bar and suitable for vehicles such as police cars or fire engines, Ekin Patrol G2 is aimed to enhance a high level of city safety.


Why G2 Patrol?

As a mobile system, provides 100% coverage at the locations not covered by fixed systems.


Ekin Patrol G2 can be used at any necessary location as an economical mobile alternative to infrastructure investment in fixed surveillance units. Having the wider angle of operation, it is able to detect every number plate in up to 7 lanes and even in nearly parked areas.


Turns regular police vehicles into smart patrol vehicles with its plug&play design.


Ekin Patrol G2, as the first and only compact smart patrol unit in the world, is compatible with any kind of vehicles. There is no requirement of any further component to be installed inside the vehicle or the luggage compartment.


Records even unnoticed actions with 360-degrees surveillance.


The major disadvantage of fixed surveillance systems is the missing flexibility and limited viewing angle. Having integrated more cameras on all four sides, Ekin Patrol G2 provides a 360-degree view angle.



Communicates with other systems generates instant alarms.


Ekin Patrol G2 detects vehicles that are on the blacklist by their number plates and generates an audial or visual alarm on its tablet application. It can communicate with all other Ekin solutions using the appropriate communication infrastructure and can be directed to the incident scenes immediately.


Centrally managed by Ekin Red Eagle OS.


Ekin Red Eagle OS operates all Ekin Patrols and other traffic systems in the city from a single point and ensures the actions to be taken on time.


What is new at Ekin PATROL G2?


  • Up to 7 lanes license plate recognition and speed enforcement
  • Up to 360 degrees surveillance and number plate recognition
  • Parking enforcement even between closely parked vehicles
  • Illuminates the inside of the ahead and near vehicles if necessary
  • Temperature and humidity sensor integration
  • Optional rear speed enforcement
  • Optional rear number plate recognition (especially for the states that only have front number plate in the vehicle)
  • Optional body worn camera, gunshot and air pollution sensor integration


License Plate Recognition

  • Recognition of every number plate in the field of view with its video based licenese plate recognition technology
  • 360 degrees automatic number plate recognition simultaneously for incoming, outgoing or parked vehicles
  • Identification of wanted or stolen vehicles over a specific database

Speed Detection

  • Automatic speed measurement for all the vehicles in the field of view
  • Optional rear speed enforcement
  • Different speed limit adjustment for each lanes
  • Automatic official fine or report issuing containing required violation information

Parking Management 

  • Parking enforcement even between nearly parked vehicles
  • Detection of vehicles exceeding the parking time in the defined parking zone
  • Automatic official fine or report issuing containing required violation information

Face Recognition

  • Detection and analysis of faces in the field of view and recognition over digital matching
  • Real-time identity check over a specific database

Video Surveillance

  • 360 degrees surveillance and video recording
  • Day and night high definition video recording in adverse weather conditions
  • Non-stop recording of surroundings with four sides surveillance cameras

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