Green Bay Fire Department Adds 12 E-bikes To Fleet

GREEN BAY (NBC 26) — The Green Bay Metro Fire Department received its new fleet of electric bikes on Monday.

To be clear: No, firemen won’t respond to fires on bikes. Instead, the bikes will be used for Emergency Medical Services at events.

Getting an ambulance into a busy crowd may be next to impossible. However, getting a bike that is equipped with medical equipment is much easier.
“Our Department takes care of a lot of EMS standbys or Medical Standby for big events like marathons or Packers games,” said Shauna Walesh, Fire Department Public Information Officer.

“Each bike will come with an EMS kit that will have all of our medical equipment needed to do our job.” said the Training Captain, Jordan Wacck. “It will also allow our personnel to get to those who need us much faster.”

The upgrades include electrical assistance reaching speeds up to 20 mph and also new warning devices such as lights and sirens. It will also include tires made for unstable terrain.