Helper Police Welcome Recon Interceptor to the Force

The Helper City Police Department recently welcomed a new addition to its force in the form of a Recon Ranger Interceptor. This is a bike that the department has wanted for a number of years now.

Helper Police Chief Chris Gigliotti stated that the department wanted the bike for a plethora of reasons, such as reducing the department’s carbon footprint and maintaining the health of the officers. However, the main reason that the chief credited to obtaining the bike was that it gives an opportunity for his staff to better interact with the community.

Another perk of the interceptor is that if they have high-crime situations, such as a string of vehicle burglaries, it is much easier to be covert when seeking the perpetrator than it would be in a motor vehicle.

About three years ago, during that year’s Helper Arts, Music and Film Festival, a sales representative came through and let the department test the bike out. Since that time, the department has been working toward obtaining its own.

Chief Gigliotti explained that he highly encourages the officers in his department to use the bike one shift per week, each, through the majority of their shift. He stated that since the officers have each had an opportunity to use the bike while on duty, they are excited to use it more.

The battery-operated bike comes equipped with lights and sirens, as well as saddle bags for equipment. Chief Gigliotti said that they are working toward getting a tablet and portable printers to take care of business as need-be. The interceptor has thick tires, making it an all-terrain bike, and it could be used on search and rescue missions if needed.

Chief Gigliotti stated that he wished to inform the community of the new opportunity for the force and also shared that he would not be opposed to getting more bikes for the department in the future. It was tested beforehand and is perfect for the size of Helper City. When compared with a vehicle, the bike can get anywhere in the city faster than in a car.