Hornell Police Department Chooses Recon

The Hornell Police Department received some new equipment recently with the arrival of two new electric bikes (e-bikes). The heavy-duty bikes are outfitted with appropriate police gear, such as lights and sirens, and can travel speeds up to approximately 30mph.

Police Chief Ted Murray noted e-bikes are becoming more commonly used in police departments across the nation and he is pleased with their performance, “The e-bikes have proven to be a valuable addition to our department. It allows for more public engagement and improved community policing. The bikes enable our officers to have a better ground-level perspective, fostering positive interactions and closer engagement with the community. They’ve been well-received in our interactions so far and our officers have enjoyed using them.”

The e-bikes are securely stored and recharge quickly. A full battery charge will last approximately 4-5 hours of constant use, but will last much longer as these bikes have pedal assistance, “The pedal assist function of the bikes helps prolong the battery life as they are powered by the officer pedaling, rather than just the motor. The motor is powerful enough for the bikes to navigate the steep hills in the City without issue,” noted Chief Murray.

With deploying the e-bikes, safety has been paramount in consideration, “Captain Sexsmith has done an excellent job with putting this bike program together, ensuring all officers are provided with training prior using the bikes, and all safety protocols are followed. Currently, we have about half of our officers trained. We really appreciate Captain Sexsmith’s efforts in getting this off the ground,” stated Chief Murray.

Mayor John Buckley also shared his enthusiasm for the e-bikes and their potential benefits on community relations, “These e-bikes are a great addition to our department. Community policing is important and is about establishing connections with residents, and these bikes will help foster that connection. Investing in public safety remains a top priority, and I’m proud of the continued investment in our wonderful police department.”

The Hornell Police Department’s acquisition of the e-bikes exemplifies its commitment to employing innovative and community-oriented approaches to law enforcement. Be sure to give a friendly wave when you see an officer traveling around your neighborhood!