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Kannapolis Police Using Ebikes While on Patrol

By David Whisenant

Published: Aug. 2, 2021

KANNAPOLIS, N.C. (WBTV) – You may have seen Kannapolis Police Officers riding bicycles in the downtown area, and if you take a second look you will notice they are riding electric bicycles. Since 2019, when West Avenue and Atrium Health Ballpark opened, police officers have been walking and riding bicycles daily as new businesses and residents moved into downtown. Officers also utilize the bicycles during special events.

Recently, the department added electric bicycles for officers to use. The bicycles are able to go 30 mph and allow officers the option of self-propelling or taking breaks from pedaling during their 12-hour shifts. “We want to be out of our vehicles walking and cycling around our City. The electric bicycles allow us to be environmentally friendly and people friendly. It is easier for us to stop and have conversations and chat with the public when we are walking or cycling,” said Kannapolis Police Captain Brent Rowland.

While on their bicycles, officers are able to travel and maneuver to various areas around the City. The department now has 16 officers who have completed training to be certified to use the bicycles.

“We have always worked to have great relationships with residents in our city. This gives us another avenue to improve our accessibility to people. We hope that everyone will stop and get to know our officers when you see them out walking and cycling,” said Kannapolis Police Chief Terry Spry.

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