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Lincoln Police adds Recon Electric Bikes to Patrol Unit

By Ellis Wiltsey KOLN

LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) – Every few years the bike patrol unit at the Lincoln Police Department upgrades its gear and this time they opted for electric bicycles.

They are aimed at giving officers the edge in a few categories; LPD said the most important is keeping officers’ energy up.

“Do our patrol without physically fatiguing out the officers quite as much so they can work the remainder because the bike officers work 10-hour shifts and we try to get on the bikes as much as possible when time allows and staffing allows,” said Sergeant Andrew Vocasek with LPD.

The bikes are used for a variety of different reasons and most often when it’s warm and during outdoor events. They’re utilized in situations that would be difficult to navigate in a cruiser.

“If you’ve ever driven downtown on game day, that is a terrible thing to try because traffic is so backed up most of the time. This allows us to get in and around that traffic and we can respond in a more timely manner especially downtown when we have a larger crowd presence,” Sgt. Vocasek said.

Four officers within the department are trained to use the bikes.

“Things like going up and down stairs, in and around traffic, ways to secure your bike to start and stop so that you don’t hurt yourself or somebody else. It’s a little different than just your recreational riding,” Sgt. Vocasek said.

Right now the group is doing some test rides but the team hopes to be hitting the road more regularly for patrols in the coming weeks.

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