Recon Power Bikes vs police pedal bikes



Police Bike



Arrive on scene from distance ready to perform your duty

Arrive on scene fatigued and vulnerable


Patrol a larger area with more frequency, with less manpower

Patrol a smaller area with less frequency, with more manpower

Response Time

Significantly improve response times

Longer response time, based on the fitness of the Officer


Any Officer can effectively ride a Recon

Pedal bikes require a specific level of fitness

GO Anywhere

Recon Bikes have All-Terrain Tires (stairs, curbs, off-road)

Thin tire pedal bikes can get a pinch flat attempting to go through obstacles

M Power LCD's

Recon’s have integrated Mpower LCD’s with Scene lighting

Pedal bikes require a spare battery and have lower power lights

License Plate Readers

Recon’s can be outfitted with License Plate Readers

Pedal bikes don’t have the power necessary to run the LPR

Unmatched Power

Recon’s can go up to 50 miles per charge & 30 MPH

Pedal bikes are limited to the riders level of fitness

Haul More

Recon’s can carry more gear & and can pull a trailer

Pedal bikes have a very low weight & trailering capability

officers love them

Easy to get Officers to want to ride a Recon Power Bike

It can be difficult to get Officers willing to be on a pedal bike patrol

Our Recon Power Bikes are trusted by hundreds of Police Departments Nationwide because they help their Officers patrol Safer, Farther, and Faster than traditional pedal bikes. Contact us today to learn more!