Compact Two-Tone Police Bike Siren


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Compact Two-Tone Police Bicycle Siren 128db

Designed Specifically for Bike Patrol use including Police, Security and EMS Patrols.

Our newest  Police Bike Siren features two distinct tones, measures only 2.5″ long by 1.25″ diameter and packs a powerful 128db siren that is sure to get the attention of anyone in the vicinity.

The two-tone compact bike siren is crafted out of high quality 6061 grade aluminum and features an internal, USB rechargeable battery with a micro-usb charging port that is accessed by an aluminum screw cap in the back of the siren that makes it very water resistant.

The durable, self contained unit emits two distinct tones which are both activated by an easy to reach handlebar mounted switch. The switch illuminates when the siren is on, acting as the battery indicator.

The first tone is a wailing siren sound with an on/off button. Pushing the switch once turns the siren on and pushing it a second time turns it off.

The second tone is a rapid warble tone that is activated by a momentary switch. You push the switch down and hold it down to make the sound and releasing the switch stops the siren.

The handlebar mount attaches in seconds and the siren can be placed above or below the bar.

All sirens come with 1 x Micro-USB charger cable that can be connected to a USB port. A wall charger/adapter is available as an optional accessory.

Measures: 2.5″ L x 1.25″ D.
This siren has a decibel level of 128..