Pryor Creek Police Department launches bike patrol with new Recon E-Bikes

PRYOR, Okla. — Pryor Creek’s new police chief is making good on a campaign pledge to launch a bike patrol.

The Pryor Creek Police Department received three new “e-bikes” on Tuesday thanks to the generosity of three local businesses.

Three officers have signed up for training. “It’s more personable if you’re on a bicycle versus a car, plus when you get into the neighborhoods, people can see a car coming versus a bike, you can ride right up on things and be more effective in your duties,” said Cantrell.

The next step is getting all three officers selected for the bike patrol trained and outfitted.

The new electric bikes, which can be charged by plugging into an ordinary outlet, are also really quiet.

The bikes come equipped with red and blue lights and even a siren that we are told will be improved.

In addition to keeping an eye on residential crime and crimes in the business district, Chief Cantrell plans to use the new patrol to keep a closer look at activity in Whitaker Park.

FOX23 spoke with a few Pryor moms that are excited about the new addition.

“I think that they’ll be able to be quiet and go down alleyways maybe and catch people that are on the lookout for bigger vehicles,” said Chelsie Ashley.

The bikes cost about $3,500 dollars apiece and Chief Cantrell hopes to grow the bike patrol in the future.