York police Officers Get Motorized Bikes

By Ed Weinstock, WGAL, October 21, 2021; Photo: video still from WGAL

YORK, Pa. —

Police in York unveiled a new way for officers to get around the city — motorized bicycles.

In addition to pedal power, the bikes have electric motors that allow officers to reach speeds of 30 mph.

“It’s a lot of fun getting out, interacting with the community, being able to go further, faster, get there quicker,” Officer Chris Martin said.

The bikes have the police insignia, flashing lights and puncture-resistant tires.

Martin said the new ride provides an advantage.

“Our safety and longevity and being able to get somewhere, not be winded if we have to render aid or get to a scene quick,” he said.

Fifteen officers are being trained on the bikes. Residents can expect to start seeing the bikes on the streets in the spring.