Police Interceptor


Designed specifically for the rigors of Law Enforcement the Interceptor revolutionizes Bike Patrols.

The RECON Police Interceptor is our flagship power bike, featuring state of the art technology. A best in class 1,000 watt mid driven, high torque, motor powered by a 48V/11.6 ah lithium ion battery and riding on 4″ Fat Boy all terrain tires.

The Recon Interceptor Power Bike has the power to take on the most extreme terrain. Depending on terrain, pedal assist mode, and programming the Ranger is capable of up to 50 miles with peak speeds of 30 mph plus between charges or battery swaps. If you are seeking peak performance in an ultimate silent all terrain machine, select the Interceptor. The LCD Color Display harnesses the power of the 1,000 watt mid drive motor.

The display features: Full Color, Automatic Night Mode, Up to 9 levels of Pedal Assist, Choice of Percentage or Voltage Display of Battery Remaining, USB Charger, Accurate Battery Gauge, Watt or Amp Display Monitor, Clock, Speed, Odometer, Password Lock, Error Code List & Memory.

The Interceptor is is also capable of pulling a trailer which attaches to the rear hub. This gives you the option of hauling life saving equipment anywhere.

The Interceptor is available with a host of options including a lights and siren package.