Patrol Safer, Farther & Faster with RECON


What is a RECON Power Bike?

Our RECON bikes are fitted with a powerful electric motor, lithium ion battery, and an LCD control to harness the power. The motor can be utilized as much or as little as you prefer. It has many levels of pedal assist to power your ride as you see fit. Our flagship model the Police Interceptor can go as far as 50 miles at speeds up to 30 mph on  a single charge. Our 4″ puncture resistant tires eliminate the potential for pinch flats and make for a super comfortable ride.


Patrol Safer, Farther & Faster with RECON!

The RECON Power Bike can take you Farther & Faster on Patrol. Our Pedal Assist function will revolutionize your Biking Patrol experience.  Don’t worry about fatigue or response time with RECON, the powerful electric direct drive motor can assist you as you see fit. Faster response and less fatigue when arriving on scene equals a safer, efficient, and more successful Patrol.

Powerful All Terrain Bikes Made Military Tough

Whether you are patrolling a metropolitan area, rural community or even a remote mountainous terrain, Recon can customize a Power Bike for any Law Enforcement application.

Featuring SoundOff Signal Mpower

The Recon Interceptor featuring the Mpower Tri-Color LED’s & Scene Lighting. One piece, silicone housing delivers significant advantages over conventional lenses. Click here for more info: SoundOff Signal Mpower

Why choose us

  • Safety
    Patrol & Respond at Long Distances without Fatigue.
  • Farther & Faster
    Improved Response Time, Our 48v Lithium Ion Battery will give you the Fuel to go Farther & Faster without a Sound.
  • All Terrain Patrol
    With 4″ All Terrain Tires you can go right through 6″curbs and Handle Stairs without the Fear of a Pinch Flat,  Hydraulic Brakes,  & Front Suspension you’re ready for a Productive Patrol Anywhere.
  • Military Inspired
    Our Team of Current & Ex-Military know what it takes to Design Mission Critical Equipment